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MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!! Marvel couples unite!!! WinterWidow, Captain13, BlackStorm, ScarletVision

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So I like Bucky & Nat when they're like this. No romantic side story. Just two friends pranking their other friends. Ace.

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Clint is all sulky about getting shot at and Natasha laughs and says that's just how Bucky makes friends, while Bucky tries to explain he didn't mean anything by it.

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Nat and Sam are like the sassiest Avengers. That's why they're the only ones who can keep up with Steve Rogers.

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Of course Peggy can lift can Steve and Bucky and Natasha...why is this a question? - visit to grab an unforgettable cool 3D Super Hero T-Shirt!

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I am so behind Clint adopting Bucky and now I want this uniform

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Natasha has a habit of coming up behind Bucky and putting his hair up for him whenever he's doing something and his mop of hair gets in his eyes. Whether he's trying to figure out the computer or eating or bickering with Steve, she'll just sidle up behind him and pull his hair away from his face in a little half-bun, and he just holds still until she's done because, honestly, everything is so much easier when he can see.

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