BTS | V when V couldn't control his laughter in just one day dance practice his face is literally turning purple. So funny!

V couldn't control his laughter during dance practice so much that his face literally turned purple.

Taehyung is an angel, but I find this funny

Okay so these are my top biases in KPOP and I literally screamed when I found out about this. That meant two more birthday messages! And this post is hilarious!

V-Neckline Shirred Sleeve Sweater

V-Neckline Shirred Sleeve Sweater

Hahaha jungkook in the background!!!! He's soo shook.. I wish we would come to meet me like that

Imagine BTS

& Kookie's face XD --- Kookie loves balloons like the Bangtan Bomb where he threw one at J-Hope's face and battled the camera adorably