Bts hallowen

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BTS Live Halloween Party on V app live from Seoul! I woke up and tuned in at my time. (for one hour) Total ppl who logged in: Comments: Hearts: WOW Cool~

BTS Halloween <3 Jin

Ladies and gentlemen this is the visual of bts, Jin! He's such a cutie

Jungkook - Halloween 2014

[스타캐스트] Hello, Hello~ 방탄소년단의 해피 할로윈!

I mean... rabbits eat cabbage.

Ok, in this photo Jimin and jungkookg are. being Jimin and jungkook

SeokJin - Halloween 2014

[스타캐스트] Hello, Hello~ 방탄소년단의 해피 할로윈!

Suga (BTS) Suga a un penchant pour les poupées… voici le nouveau Chucky !

bts halloween

bts halloween

I'd eat this lil mochi any day

Me dan ganas de comer a ese chim chim 😏😏🔥🔥❤️❤️

Suga&Kookie - war of hormone halloween special :)⨳

[스타캐스트] Hello, Hello~ 방탄소년단의 해피 할로윈!

- Halloween is exciting and fun! BTS would not just pass this kind of day. 7 members of BTS changed into 7 characters and enjoyed the Halloween perfectly. We now release 7 boys’ Halloween preparatory.

No lo supiero

Lmao Jungkook and Jimin just like laying in his mouth 😂

BTS Jungkook Halloween party~

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Jungkookie as Detective Conan Edagawa (from the Japanese anime "Cased closed") for Halloween 2015