Bryn Mawr College, aka Hogwarts

Bryn Mawr College, aka Hogwarts comment: This was one of the first colleges for women- training to lead organizations working towards social reform.

Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania during a truly epic Spring season

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The old alma mater, Bryn Mawr College in PA >> Rhoades Beach!! You can see my senior room in this shot!

Top Ten: Best Of The All-Women's Colleges

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Bryn Mawr Goodhart Hall

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Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania | 16 Universities That Straight-Up Look Like Hogwarts

Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania

Almost as good as the real thing.

Painting homes in Bryn Mawr - known for its gorgeous manicured estates!

Rockefeller Dorm at Bryn Mawr College was a gift from John D. Completed in "Rock" is Bryn Mawr's largest residence and houses the College's architectural drafting studio.

Students walking outside Goodhart Hall :: Bryn Mawr College Photo Archives

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