Young Bruce Lee and his mentor Grandmaster Ip Man

Ip Man was a master of Wing Chun and the first to teach this style openly. Ip Man was the teacher of Bruce Lee. Most major branches of Wing Chun taught in the West today were developed and promoted by students of Ip Ma

Yip Man, the man who originally taught Bruce Lee...and he didn't even finish training Bruce all the way because he believed Bruce was too "westernized".

Grandmaster Yip Man Credit New Martial Hero // Master (teacher) of Bruce Lee

A good friend has a friend in Hong Kong who got me the whole set in Chinese with English subtitles not the cheesy America versions with dubbing

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A rare, never-before-seen collection of Bruce Lee's private letters and writing! Bruce Lee was an intense man with such sheer concentration of energy that no one who encountered him, on screen or in p

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Bruce Lee: Artist of Life (Bruce Lee Library) by Bruce Lee

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25 inspiring and motivational quotes from the Kung Fu legend - Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee remains the greatest icon of martial arts cinema and a key figure of mo

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The ten most gorgeous East Asian men in the world

inspiring people - At the age of three as a American Baby, Bruce lee appeared in 20 films as a child actor, in his child age he won a dancing Competition, he studied Kung-Fu from 1953 to 1959

Brandon Lee... miss you.

Born: February 1965 - Died: March 1993 ~ Brandon Bruce Lee was an American actor and martial artist. He was the son of martial arts film actor Bruce Lee and teacher Linda Lee Cadwell and brother of Shannon Lee.

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I have been a martial artist for over 20 years and its something I will continue to practice in my old age. Here are 5 Fascinating Martial Arts quotes

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Next generation Bruce Lee game taking things to the next level. If goal is achieved it will be available for XBox one, and PC