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Toxostoma rufum - Brown Thrasher -- Sighted: 5/7/2014 Liberty State Park, Jersey City -

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Brown Thrasher

Brown Thrasher: Brown Thrasher

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Brown Thrasher

Brown #Thrasher – Learn All About the #Bird o' the Day – Backyard #WildBird Directory –


The Brown Thrasher likes our front yard; but I still added him. : )

My favorite song bird. Brown Thrashers are mimics with extremely varied repertoires consisting of more than 1,100 song types. The male sings a loud, long series of doubled phrases with no definite beginning or end, described by some people as “plant a seed, plant a seed, bury it, bury it, cover it up, cover it up, let it grow, let it grow, pull it up, pull it up, eat it, eat it.”


Brown Thrasher ~ Georgia's State Bird

✔ The brown thrasher (Toxostoma rufum) is a year-round resident of Arkansas. Related to the mockingbird, with similar habits. Nest of twigs lined with grasses is usually low, placed 2-7' above the ground in a dense shrub, vine tangle, or low tree, or sometimes on the ground under dense cover.