Morgan - JAZZTIME SOCIETY PAGE (Shiloh Bold Command X Frosty Blue), 2003 flaxen chestnut mare owned by Nancy Jewel, Jazztime Morgans, WA.

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"Horses have a unique digestive tract in comparison to other species of livestock. Horses are monogastrics but can use forages effectively due to the presence of the microbial population in the hindgut. Because of the unique nature of the digestive tract, proper feeding management is important to ensure that the nutritional needs of the horse are met." - Feeding Management for Horse Owners

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Horse Sakura by Majken Soelberg ~ Beautiful gelding "Luis" at Bispebjerg… …

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Who loves to just stand forever running your hands through your horse's mane and telling them all of your deepest and darkest secrets?

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Untamed.....Wild.....Free.... Poetry in motion....Changing the Wind on Magic Hooves....Running with the Heart and Soul of a CHAMPION! <3 :)

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