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The mummy of an Egyptian puppy whose left ear was infested with 61 preserved brown dog ticks has been examined by archaeoentomologist Jean-Bernard Huchet of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris. This particular puppy may have been killed by a tick-borne disease.

LISTERINE!! any color/flavor. Pour it full strength in good sturdy spray bottle. Spray around your tent site & picnic table or patio & lawn chairs. (I mean saturate the ground and you can spray a little on things that you don't mind getting the mist in). You will be amazed! No Mosquitoes, no no-see-ems/gnats. You will have to repeat after rain or if animals stir up the dirt a lot. This is safe for kids, dogs and it doesn't have the stickiness or chemical smell. Try it!


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Underside of the Brown dog tick and Lonestar tick mouthparts

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Guthrie, OK

Dogs are considered man’s best friend because of their close relationship, loyalty and companionship with humans. Based on this definition, Dr. Anna Coffin says the brown dog tick should be considered dog’s best friend.