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Brothers Without Banners

1972: Armed British soldiers on patrol in Lisbon Street, Belfast, during the Official IRA's unconditional ceasefire

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Tony Stark and Spider-Man<Now Tony, Peter, and Banner can all be Science Bros! (:

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Unknown maker, France The Metz Pontifical, 1302 - 1316, folio 7r, A hare with a sling approaches a knight in chainmail, an absurd parallel to the story of David and Goliath.

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Stay Weird Mini Banner - Embroidered Mini Banner Wall Hanging - STAY WEIRD - Embroidered Banner - 4 x 5 inches Canvas Wall Hanging

Wheres your will to be weird? The original Stay Weird Mini Banner A mini banner, perfect to add something special to a gallery wall or bold

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"Always a man of your word, hm?" His voice was dry, and he rolled his eyes as he motioned for his men. The dagger slit my brother's throat swiftly.

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Remember that part in CP: "I like to think that when they're at home, the Silent Brothers are much like us. Playing practical joke in the Silent City, making toasted cheese..." "I hope they play charades. It would seem to take advantage of their natural talents." Yeah. Masonic order my ass.

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