Alpine Cinemas : the only one classic movie theater that survives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. #bayridge #brooklyn #newyork

A Brooklyn movie theater that opening in 1929 - story of its furniture

An 80-year-old Brooklyn movie theater that's been crumbling for decades, with pigeons infesting its stage, is back — again a glittering gem from the 1920s...

Brooklyn movie theater that was built in the 1920s will get a restoration that is reported to finish in 2015.

Only Dr. Emmett Brown’s modified DeLorean DMC-12 could whisk you from one era to another so quickly – at street level the mid‐century brick warehouse, renovated by architects Caliper Studio, is all Blade Runner, step through the door, and Repop’s retro interiors come over all Rebel Without a Cause...

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