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Only Dr. Emmett Brown’s modified DeLorean DMC-12 could whisk you from one era to another so quickly – at street level the mid‐century brick warehouse, renovated by architects Caliper Studio, is all Blade Runner, step through the door, and Repop’s retro interiors come over all Rebel Without a Cause...


À la mémoire des cinémas américains abandonnés, par Matt Lambros

Urban Ghosts is delighted to announce the launch of photographer Matt Lambros’ stunning new website, After the Final Curtain, and accompanying blog. Collectively, Matt’s photographs rank among the most vivid and evocative images of abandoned theat...


Gallery of After the Final Curtain: Abandoned Theaters / Matt Lambros - 8


Loew's Kings Theatre in Brooklyn New York. The theater first opened on the 7th of September 1929 and closed on the 30th 1977. It was abandoned until 2010. The theater is scheduled to reopen in 2015 following a complete renovation.


New dine-in Brooklyn movie theater only charges $3 per ticket

It’s like a fancier version of Nitehawk Cinema, but cheaper? Damn! Cancel your plans because tonight, January 15, is the grand opening of Syndicated (a new dine-in...