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All time favourite! He has gone through life-transformation though, from an evil monster to a tamed-mischievous-fun-loving-monster, yea, still monster. :)

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My Essential Colour Pencil Techniques

Today I'll be sharing a quick guide to MY essential colour pencil techniques which I hope will answer some of your questions and help beginners, or anyone really, expand their repertoire of drawing skills. Obviously this isn't an exhaustive list of every technique on tha-planet, because that would be a ridiculously long blog post (which even I wouldn't be tempted to write), and the wonderful thing about art is that these techniques are meant to be ignored, broken and adapted, so if…

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Magazine - For Keeps...

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Broken Eye... by ~CJDevil on deviantART #drawing #pencils #Art pls visit us > ♡

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Charcoal & Conte Drawing: 'Nude Woman with Arms Crossed'

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The Color ‘Yellow’: The Hidden Meaning for Your Art & Design

The Color ‘Yellow’: The Hidden Meaning for Your Art & Design - Fine Art Tips With Lori McNee

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