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They're chordae tendoneae (previous pinner comment). I couldn't find anything about them breaking, but it wouldn't surprise me at all!


(pronoun) people suffering from severe chronic intractable pain.__ another visit to the urgent care center, shaking in pain I was very tachycardic and dehydrated. Body:3 Mila:0 finally home after several hours spent there. Good times. Not.


Broken Heart Syndrome: How Emotional Trauma Can Harm Your Heart

Okay so I can then die from a broken heart for falling in love with a fictional character...that's going to look nice on my obituary


Can You Die of a Broken Heart? #BrokenHeartSyndrome Symptoms Causes Treatments #WebMD #BrokenHeartSyndrome #Heath #Medical During an episode of the condition, the heart muscle can be so profoundly affected that it can't pump blood out to the body strongly enough. As a result, the patient may develop heart failure. This can be life-threatening, Wittstein says Sponsor Rick Stoneking #InternationalTravelReviews…