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Rosie O'Donnell explained the HEPPP acronym she created to remember women's heart attack symptoms.


I have EDS. I'm flexible, but that's just the beginning. I also suffer from many of the conditions on this graphic.


Medical experts say it's impossible to determine whether the death of movie star Debbie Reynolds was directly caused by the passing of her daughter Carrie Fisher, just one day earlier. But, they say a medical condition called "Broken Heart Syndrome" can cause symptoms similar to a heart attack. Doctors say stressful events, such as the death of a loved one, can trigger a surge in hormones that can temporarily stun the heart and prevent it from pumping properly. Broken Heart Syndrome can…

'Too many suffer in silence': Why we urgently need to talk about autism and girls

As experts meet today to discuss how autism affects girls, Bee Rowlatt discovers why women on the spectrum are slipping through the net and how they learn to cover up their symptoms