Similar to the look I want for our path. I want to make this with recycled broken concrete, but so far I haven't been brave enough to steal any.

Diagonals add interest to a paving design. Tom Vetter used recycled brick to outline a crisscross pattern and combined it with stone and broken concrete. This walkway runs through a narrow garden along the side of his house in Portland, Oregon.

Recycled Concrete Patio. See all the steps and how to create this. Maybe we could do this....

Simple photo instructions for creating your own recycled concrete patio. Take broken concrete pieces and turn them into decorative pavers for a unique patio.

'Urbanite' (Reused broken concrete 'stones') utilized to make retaining walls for deep and wide planting serpentine beds. (WildHeart Gardens, Berkeley CA)

“Urbanite” is another way to say broken concrete, and it makes fine substitutes for rocks that might come from across the globe. These garden beds are now growing vegetables, fruit and herbs.

Recycled concrete wall.Serenity in the Garden: Repurposed and Recycled - Creative Ideas for Garden Design

Recycled concrete wall--low wall for raised bed. Serenity in the Garden: Repurposed and Recycled - Creative Ideas for Garden Design

DIY Garden Steps & Stairs • Lots of ideas, tips & tutorials! Including, from 'enviromom', re-using broken concrete to create a garden stairway.

Step by Step! : DIY Garden Steps and Stairs

Thinking about remodeling your outdoor staircase? Another example of recycling, using broken concrete to create stairs, from ‘EnviroMom’. This isn’t a complete tutorial, but a great idea that DIY’ers could take inspiration from.

Use discarded concrete pieces to make a patio or walkway and stain them.  Will look just like flagstone!

Laying down the broken concrete as asymmetrical flagstone pavers you can create strong and durable patios, walkways or driveways.

Concrete fabrics buried on end make a whole new modern look in rock gardens.

Broken concrete you can use as a walkway in front of your house or behind your house or also as a driveway. In addition, broken concrete can also be used as your garden wall to create a mound of soil for plants and gardens in your yard.

broken concrete and brick  This would be cool if somebody had some broken pieces to give away or sell super cheap!

Negotiated study example recycled concrete patio w/ bricks. Could also be done with granite scraps.

Garden wall / retaining wall - reused concrete blocks...Great idea for the fallen wall n our backyard that was here when we moved in!

DIY Inspiration: New Life for Old Concrete

IDEA: Broken Concrete Patio Planted with Creeping Thyme to repeat front design and re purpose the back yard slab that we tear out.

Broken concrete patio - Great way to break up those fully paved patios that are everywhere.

Recycling in the landscape – reused concrete, affectionately known as urbanite. | Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping blog

Recycling in the landscape – reused concrete, affectionately known as urbanite…