YOUTUBERS AT VIDCON Connor Franta, Tyler Oakley, Zoe Sugg, Louis Cole, Jim Chapman, Niomi Smart, Marcus Butler, Joe Sugg, Alfie Deyes and Troye Sivan

With Conor Franta, Fun for Louis, Jim Chapman, Marcus Butler, etc.

Motivational quotes from my favorite youtubers

Not people people that influence us in a bad way or make us feel Bad about ourselves. Love Joe Sugg and everyone else!

British youtubers Marcus, Zoe, Louise, Joe, Niomi, Jim, Tanya, Alfie, Caspar

Left to right: Marcus Butler Zoella Louise Naomi Tanya Burr Jim Chapman Alfie Deyes Caspar Lee

Louise Pentland (sprinkleofglitter), Tanya Burr (pixi2woo), Zoe Sugg (zoella280390), & Niomi Smart (niomismart) of YouTube UK <3

Louise, Tanya, Zoe and Naomi! the first thing i noticed was there lip sticks lol

Meet British YouTubers and a South African slut (oh and Joe Sugg and Louise and Chai and Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr and Louis Cole and Mazzi Mazz and Oli White and the Lean Machines)

On my bucket list, things before I die, all of that! Thing is Zoella use to live near me but now moved to Brighton. But still Joe Sugg I could have a chance?

Everybody knows that British YouTubers/best friends/house mates Dan Howell and Phil Lester are secretly dating.

17 Times Phan Was Just Too Real