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British Passport Office

British passports! To get yours (as long as you are British ) you can go to the passport number page - #passport #number #UK


Visit Shakespeare's Globe theatre in London, England.


Victorian: Queen Victoria #postbox in Windsor, England. The first pillar postboxes were erected in Jersey, in 1852. In1856, Richard Redgrave of the Department of Science & Art designed an ornate pillar postbox for use in London and other cities. Green was adopted as the standard color for the early Victorian postboxes.The first boxes to be painted red were in London, in July 1874.


New British passport design sparks sexism row for 'airbrushing women from history'

Travel document features seven men and only two women, but incorporates new anti-forgery technology including a '3D' watermark of Shakespeare

from Mail Online

New Shakespeare-themed British passport

Sexism row erupts over new Shakespeare-themed British passport | Daily Mail Online


This tube map, to appear in new British passports, has London Bridge in the wrong place, and omits Southwark altogether. Image: the Home Office