Generalised UK Army rank 1890 to present, including majority of Commonwealth nations, largely unchanged today. Single chevron = Lance Corporal not private First Class. Some elite Regiments have Lance Sergents and Staff Corporals.

A Signaller with the Royal Signals with a manpack radio, part of the Bowman tactical communications system used by the British Armed Forces, daniel

Jamaican / West Indian women recruits for the Auxiliary Territorial Service in 1943 (women's branch of the Army in the UK).

DISSIDENT republicans have issued a chilling threat to Irish people serving in the British armed forces and warned that they are a legitimate target for the Continuity IRA.

Prince Harry Photos Photos: Prince Harry Marks The 75th Anniversary Of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Across The British Armed Forces

Prince Harry Meets Families Of Explosive Ordnance Disposal At Anniversary Service!: Photo Prince Harry is dapper in a blue suit while arriving for a service marking the anniversary of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) across the British Armed Forces…

British Armed Forces

The British Armed Forces are the military forces of the United Kingdom and one of the oldest.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is seen with HMS Sutherland and HMS Iron Duke. The aircraft carrier proudly hit the waters earlier this week - but currently its crew only has replica planes to practise with

I have yet to research the US forces programs on PT nonetheless, the British Army provides extensive information to the public on all aspects of health and fitness.

CT A British Army unit in action during a summer training exercise in the late

Prince Harry Photos - Prince Harry Marks The Anniversary Of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Across The British Armed Forces - Zimbio