Today, Affirm I feel wonderful and alive I am calm and re-energized I am energetic and balanced I am successful in all that I do I am healed, whole and healthy I am confident and empowered I am full of gratitude and appreciation I am filling my day with loving thoughts.

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#scorpio: I've already been through hell, so give it your best shot. Not only will I survive, I will win.

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#1 Your selfish ass ain't the only one with a story... I know there's 2 sides, cause I've been on both ends before. But I've heard enough to know you're an asshole. My fucking problem with you is that you don't know MY story either but your just as quick to run YOUR mouth SIMPLY and ONLY because I'm your exs new wife.

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A-Starting to feel discomfort because of my growing awareness of a HUGE contradiction, like a CHASM, between my politics, my consciousness and my spirituality. I'm going to have to choose soon. I can't keep looking at oppression, exclusion and rejection and expect to experience something else. At this time in my life, I can't afford to attract negative experiences. My focus needs to be back on Black beauty and love, which felt better. Looking at reality fills me with rage.

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