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Bring It On (2000)

Bring It On...I can probably still quote this movie line by line since I used to watch this movie all time that's how obsessed I was with it lol

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27 ingenious Elf On The Shelf ideas

We love to do Elf on a shelf, our elf is , "Sport", he does cray things around our house like this during the holidays, he writes the kids notes and writes on their faces while they r sleeping,and steals their juice boxes! It is so much fun, especially to see the kids faces.

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This would make Cool Christmas card, eh? With the words" Wishing that the best Christmas ever is on it's away to you!

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Fashion History Lesson: Grace Kelly

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Mulled Blackberry Wine

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Inspiration Monday Party

This would solve so many problems when it comes time to cook dinner! It won't sound like I'm in a marching band :)

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Back Tuck Conditioning drills - Her voice is quite annoying after listening to it over and over again - but she does have some very good drills for girls who are at the level of learning a tuck, but need some helpful tips to get them there. @Anna Totten Ramirez

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That shit was catchy af.

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