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So I was homeschooled for middle school and it was really nice, but now i go to a super small hs (I'm in 10th grade) and I really want to go back to online school but at the same time I really don't wanna leave all my freinds soo idek. like I know that if I'm homeschooled I won't have a social life cuz I never hang out w ppl outside of school ughh. sorry for my rant lol

That awkward moment when you find a picture of yourself on pinterest Soquel High School cheerleaders and New Brighton Middle School cheerleaders cheering at the Santa Cruz Warriors basketball game on Wednesday March 27, 2013. I'm on the New Brighton Middle School cheer team.

Danny Keith Grind Out Hunger New Brighton Middle School @grindouthunger

1066 Battle of Hastings: our ancestors came together. John's 30th great grandfather, Wm. Carpenter, fought for the Normans and survived. Paula's 35th great grandfather, Johias Whitaker, fought for the English and died in battle.


Capitola, CA Orchard School circus arts performers (i.e., the whole school–grades K – 6!) will be performing the children’s circus Circo Orchard for the community at New Brighton Middle School Theatre in Capitola… Click flyer for more >>

Portrait of a Young Man and Woman by British (English) School Date painted: c.1600 Oil on wood panel, 39.5 x 55.8 cm Collection: Brighton and Hove Museums and Art Galleries


How BIG is my REACTION? 1-5 Scale

Based off of the Zones of Regulation Curriculum and the 1-5 ScaleThis product includes two different kinds of worksheets to help students process through their reactions to different problems. I usually laminate a copy of the thermometer so that students can keep a copy in their workbooks and use like a mini white board.

New Brighton Middle School

New Brighton Middle School ~ 6-8 Located in Capitola, Ca