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God I wish... My "bestfriend" is being all jealous of me lately. She's fucking big headed. She's so damn caught up with her boyfriend, all the while trying take mine away. She's being such a god damned bitch. I was dealing with it, but when she fucked up my chance and something really and truly happy, thats when it turned into full on war. This bitch is going down.

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Bride Wars quote - how I feel when I haven't seen my bff in a while! @Ketura Lispi Lispi Lispi Lispi Capps

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Movie quotes- set 3 - A3 subway wall art prints - Star Wars , Harry Potter, Princess Bride

Perfect for my office if I do say so myself! Movie quotes set 3 A5 subway wall art prints Star by HarperGrace

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Cape Cod Collegiate. I wouldn't kill myself or use God's name that way But I find this hilarious how vicious she gets over this

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