Rick Baker Bride Of Frankenstein makeup for MAC Cosmetics

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Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

Colin Clive, Elsa Lanchester, Boris Karloff and Ernest Thesinger in The Bride of Frankenstein directed by James Whale, 1935

Bride of Frankenstein (1935) – The Visuals – The Telltale Mind

Elsa Lanchester, “The Bride of Frankenstein” Boris Karloff returns as Frankenstein. Both, great movies with awesome acting! Elsa, married to the great actor Charles Laughton.

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TELL: MONSTER FAMILY COSTUME DIY - Tell Love and ChocolateTell Love and Chocolate


Bride of Frankenstein Costume. With so many cool costumes to choose from, you have no trouble dressing up as your favorite sexy idol this Halloween.

Kate Beckinsale & Husband as Frankenstein's Monster and Bride of Frankenstein

Kate Beckinsale & Len Wiseman from Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Simple contrasting costumes of white and black. All you need is our Bride Wig and Corset for her. Our green make up and bolts for him. Kate Beckinsale & Husband Len Wiseman as the Frankensteins.

Love this! Now I just need a Frankenstein Rockabilly Bride of Frankenstein and Monster -- perfect shade of skin!

Rockabilly Bride Of Frankenstein And Monster

Frankenstein Rockabilly Bride of Frankenstein and Monster -- perfect shade of skin! Monster Island inspiration for Tiki Oasis Monster ideas.