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Can you imagine how full heaven would be if every living thing when there after death? (if there was such a place obv)


Here’s Brian Williams Edited Into Rapping ‘Nuthin’ But A G Thang’ Because Why The Hell Not?

from Mail Online

Brian Willians meme photoshops him into historic events

What else did NBC's Brian Williams misremember? Hilarious internet memes find him at the heart of historic events...

from Salon

Our dangerous macho delusions: Brian Williams’ fraudulence — and our own

Brian Williams may have a hard time retaining his popularity with viewers considering the results of a survey commissioned by Variety regarding the news anchor’s false claims to have been on a helicopter shot down by enemy fire in Iraq.


And Now NBC's Brian Williams Rapping Marky Mark's 'Good Vibrations'

Fallon has been knocking it out of the park with his clips of Brian Williams rapping. The latest installment came to commemorate the fact Mark Wahlberg would be Fallons guest. Naturally, we get to hear Brian Williams rap Good Vibrations from Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. The clip is just freaking spectacular. The only thing topping it would be Brian Williams himself hopping on Fallons stage and freestyling about drones and the value of the US dollar.


Pin for Later: Bet You Didn't Know All These Actresses Have Famous Dads But yes, dad is none other than newsman Brian Williams.

from Mail Online

NBC execs urged to 'think creatively' about new job for Brian Williams

Senior executives at NBC News are considering alternative roles for Brian Williams should he return to the network when his six month suspension ends in August.

from Mail Online

NBC news anchor Brian Williams reveals he never drinks because of 'breaking stories'