I love how Sarah is just like *yay I'm so happy * and then Brendon's just like *im gonna get some tonight !*

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Glamorous Malibu Wedding: Sarah + Brendon Urie.... This is so cute! Love all the photo moments from this wedding.

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I wouldn't mind if he bursted on on my future wedding and told me to "close the goddamn door" and then called me a whore.

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All I want. Can my husband please sing to me during our first dance?? Love love love

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This is when it gets really hard for me... my religion and my family are against gays... they don't agree with what they practice. I used to believe that too but coming up to high school and meeting people who practice this, I realised that no one should care so much, it's love. If you know you love them then GO FOR IT, if it's a boi, gurl, transgender/transsexual, ANYONE. As Brendon says "love is not a choice" and it's the most true and definite thing on this planet.

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