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A Cavalcade of Cats! #Infographic #Animal #Cats #Pets

Abyssinian Kitten - The Abyssinian is one of the oldest breeds of pedigree cat and was one of those exhibited at the very first cat show held at the Crystal Palace in 1871. It is generally agreed that this breed originated in Egypt, and certainly the ticked coat pattern would have been the perfect camouflage for wild cats living in the dry, scrubby North African habitat.

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Cat Fencing made for cat safety and cat owner peace of mind Ever wondered how it works? Our ProtectaPet brackets are soecifically designed so that even the most agile breeds of cats, such as Bengals, cannot breech the barrier.

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Meet Pompous Albert, a frowning feline with 44.1K Instagram followers

Albert is a breed of Selkirk Rex, known for their wild, curly hair - but not usually for their angered appareances

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The Ragdoll..... Thus named by a breeder in the early '60s because the cat was very relaxed and floppy when picked up, the rag doll is a gentle and affectionate cat, often following its owners from room to room like a puppy.

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Selkirk Rex is a cat that originated in Montana in 1987, with a litter born to a rescued cat. The only unusually coated kitten in the litter was placed with breeder, Jeri Newman, who named her Miss DePesto. This little feline was then bred to a black Persian male, producing 3 Selkirk Rex 3 straight-haired kittens. All Selkirk Rex trace their ancestry back to the cat Miss DePesto. (info: wikipedia)

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