Breastfeeding to husband

The Color of Baby Poop and What It Means (Infographic) | HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic

The Color of Baby Poop and What It Means (Infographic) | HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic

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The Wait It Out method of sleep training - very sweet letter from a mama to her 3 month old daughter

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Don't shake the Breastmilk... You need to swirl breastmilk to mix in the fat that clings to the bag or bottle. Shaking expressed breastmilk denatures the shaped molecules of the protective proteins, leaving only the pieces - the amino acids - the parts. Cellular components are also susceptible to damage by the physical stress.

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The NüRoo Nursing Scarf - convertible scarf that goes from infinity loop scarf for mom, into a breastfeeding cover for privacy while nursing for mom and baby

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Yeah so stop telling me to quit or it's too stressful. I do this because it's best for my family if you are not part of that family keep your comments and criticisms to yourself. -Heidi

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Getting Started with Cloth Diapers. We are frequently asked "How many cloth diapers do we need?". We've created a helpful chart with recommendations based on years of cloth diapering experience as both parents and business owners. These numbers seem best for the majority of parents we've worked with over the years. Do note that we do NOT recommend leaving your diapers for longer than 3 days between washing. Every 2 days is optimal for best cleaning results.

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