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Mother's Milk tea. Natural herbal remedy helps breastfeeding moms produce more milk. Great for new nursing mothers.

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Breastfeeding food dos and donts - I'm not going nuts on this - mostly avoiding milk for the 1st 2 weeks.. But good to note...

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Lactation Station

Welcome nursing momma's!! Just having baby #3 and experiencing oversupply with my first two and now I am just making enough I can't help but feeling like I need a boost. While I know that on demand nursing is best for baby as neither of us have to deal with the pain of oversupply its an adjustment for me. I do like to have tips on hand because with my first two I also experienced a dip in my milk at certain points, so this round I am prepared. Tea, Supplement, and cookies ... who…

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Increasing Your Milk Supply 1) Traditional Medicines- Mothers Milk Tea: 1 litre a day 2) Fenugreek: 12 per day (4 every 8 hours no more than 8 grams per day) 3) Shatavari: 6 capsules per day (2 every 8 hours) 3) Lots of water 4) Supply & Demand: Lots of pumping (every 2-3 hours; Power pump 10 mins. ea. breast) & feeding

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Confused about food habits during breastfeeding your baby?Read on to find out our 10 best foods to avoid while breastfeeding to avoid complications in baby.

14 Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding

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7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Chamomile Tea While Breastfeeding

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Having Chamomile Tea During #Breastfeeding :Here are some of the amazing health benefits of Chamomile Tea for breastfeeding mothers

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How Safe is Herbal Tea While Breastfeeding?