Kids never stop needing breastmilk!

At 1 year of age a baby's immune system is only functioning at Breast feeding past 1 year isn't just for fun.

A Mommy's Guide on Breastfeeding: An Infographic from Best New Moms Magazine | The Parenting Patch

My Breastfeeding Journey: Nursing and Pumping Through Toddlerhood

This is an infographic on a mommy’s guide on breastfeeding. Breast milk is considered as the most ideal nutrition for infants. I breastfed zack for 6 months and kairi for 20 months, even when workin part time. I will breastfeed all my kiddos

Breastfeeing FAQs from Medela

When I breastfeed, Is my baby getting enough milk? How often do I need to feed my baby?These are the types of questions regularly asked by mothers at some stage during their breastfeeding experience.

Are you able to produce enough breast milk for your baby? What are the foods that increase milk supply? Here we list 25 best foods to increase breast milk..

25 Best Foods To Increase Breast Milk

One of the most important questions that nursing moms have is what to eat during the feeding months that will ensure a good supply of milk.Here is a list of the top 25 foods that you must include in your diet to increase breast milk. These are best foods

Kindred Bravely says, "If you are sick with the flu, continue to breastfeed. This will ensure you pass antibodies along to your baby to keep her from getting sick". Breastfeeding fact, breastfeeding tip, breastmilk facts, breastmilk tips.

Kindred Bravely: from the bump to the breast and beyond.

Check out these 12 surprising things about breastfeeding from UnityPoint Clinic!

Extra Calories When Exclusively Breastfeeding

New moms, here are some things that may surprise you about breastfeeding your baby. But remember, every mom, every woman's body, and every breastfeeding experience is different.

7 breastfeeding facts. I wish more people understood #6.....totally agree. That is why you should feed on demand.

More BF info today - this time from peaceful parenting: 7 Breastfeeding Facts You Should Know

Breast milk is the perfect nutrition for your baby. We hope this chart gives you peace of mind that you're giving your baby enough liquid gold!

The Size of Your Baby’s Stomach: Breastfeeding in the Early Days

Breast milk is the perfect nutrition for your baby. We hope this chart gives you peace of mind that giving your baby enough liquid gold!