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Emergency sadness kit.

Emergency sadness kit, or relax kit, or pms kit, could be called anything but is awesome!

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Breakup Gift. Breakup Care Package. Breakup Kit. Break Up Gift Basket. Divorce Gift. Divorce Survival Kit. Break Up Survival Kit. Break Ups

This Hilarious Fucking Coloring Book Will Get You Over A Breakup

If you’ve recently gone through a breakup or you’re just cynical about love, Creative Collective’s new coloring book Have a Nice Life Asshole might be the perfect stress reliever for you.

I love and adore you to pieces always @sjpugh90 ❤ xxxxxxxxxx

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Breakup survival kit: Ring pops- to remind you that your worth it and deserve a ring Band aids- to remind you that the hurt will heal Garbage bag- to trash all of his stuff Face mask- when you feel like you need to hide Skittles (rainbow)- to remind you that after the storm there is always a rainbow Rubber band (bouncy ball), Lip gloss, Lifesavers, Brownie mix, Ice cream, Hershey's, Takis fuego/spicy cheetoes, Tissues, Pretzel M&Ms, Teddybear, Decorative basket, tinsel (Each one includes a…

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Love Hurts. A potentially useful packaging concept by Melanie Chernock
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