Let someone know that you like them a WAFFLE lot! This food pun card is the cutest, snail mail it to someone special! Product details: *you will

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Pun of the day! Every day have a new pun that they have to guess. After 10 right, they get a bonus point.

Don't Go Bacon My Heart. I Couldn't If I Fried. Makes me smile and thinks happy thoughts of my hubby. I can hear him singing this. He's such a nut.

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50 Amazing Eggless Vegan Recipes! Awesome recipes from breakfasts to desserts! Everyone will find at least a dozen recipes here that they would Love to try!!! Tofu paneer , waffles, 'omelettes', 'quiche' , cheesecake... And so much more!! #vegan #eggless oh- there are also several recipes without photos in the very first paragraph ! I initially thought they only put up 47 recipes! ( comment by @paigeydoll1 )

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Haha! Thought of two of my students right away! Izzy and Jack! "Don't go bacon my heart .... I couldn't if I fried." FROM: Link25 (054) - The Drifting Cats Edition

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