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Look at This Broke Motherfucker: Brazilian Guy Has Negative $1.2 Billion

Look at this guy. His name is Eike Batista, and he used to be rich as hell, but now he's poor as hell due to white collar fraud, which makes it funny. Think you're broke? This guy's way worse: Bloomberg says he's a "negative billionaire," which just, wow.

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The Just Academy - The Just Academy

Hi. I'm Fransisco. Call me Franky. I'm gay. I'm totally crushing. He's gay! Whoop whoop. * smiles * I'm 17. Single, not for long though. I'm coming! I play soccer and lacrosse. I'm the son of Zeus!

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The Wonderful Naples of Italy

During the flight I ironically made friends with another guy from Napoli and a Brazilian guy. Raffaele secured a few shuttle bus tickets for us (about €8) to get from Fiumicino Airport to the center of Rome... #Napoli #Italy


This one is a special post for my Brazilian fans! How do you like my @cocielo impression? That guy knows fashion Fyi I have no idea what that hat stands for! Someone please explain! #iggyjoey __ #cocielo #brasil #perro