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Blue-grey Tanager(Thraupis episcopus). From Eastern Mexico to eastern Peru (and one little area in western Peru), northern Bolivia, to Amazonian and northern Brazil, and from there to Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Guianas.


Batesia hypochlora. Batesia is a genus of butterfly of the Nymphalidae family containing only one species, the Painted Beauty. It is found in the upper Amazon areas of Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. The wingspan is 85-95 mm. Wikipedia


Geography: In the photo above it shows in outline of where the Amazon Rainforest is. Brazil has a total surface area of 8,517,877 The coastline is 7,491 kilometers long. Brazil borders Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Perú, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela. The Amazon Rainforest makes up an estimated ⅓ of all known animal species and makes up about half of the world’s rainforests