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Our F-class gas turbines are the largest in the world. #power #efficiency


S-CO2 Brayton cycle technology | por SandiaLabs

Brayton cycle: The Brayton cycle is a thermodynamic cycle that describes the workings of a constant pressure heat engine. Gas turbine engines and airbreathing jet engines use the Brayton Cycle.


The Mercuri is a radical aircraft concept that uses a distributed layout to power 40 micro propellers embedded in its wings. It is capable of vertical take-off (VTOL) and could cover ten times the range of similar aircraft with its recuperated Brayton cycle ceramic turbine and ground effect capabilities.

The Energy From Thorium FoundationGenerating Electricity Without Using Water: The Closed Brayton Cycle

Ideal Brayton Cycle and Actual Gas Turbine Cycle on T - s Diagram