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The 100 Most Famous Landmarks Around The World

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin I'd really like to visit Germany, especially Berlin, to see what it's really like. I always imagine it to be similar to the UK but with a different language, I'd like to see if this is true.


Brandenburg Gate, Berlin - Probably the most majestic of the historical sites in Berlin, the late 18th century Brandenburg Gate was originally built as the royal city gate and crowned with a sculpture of the winged goddess of victory steering a chariot.


Berlin, the Emerald City

Built as a city entrance leading to the palace of the Prussian monarchs, the Brandenburg Gate became a symbol of freedom and reunification after the fall of the Wall in 1989.


Brandenburg Gate (Germany). 'Prussian emperors, Napoleon and Hitler have marched through this neoclassical royal city gate that was once trapped east of the Berlin Wall. Since 1989, it has gone from a symbol of division and oppression to the symbol of a united Germany. The powerful landmark, which overlooks the stately Pariser Platz square with its embassies and banks, is at its most atmospheric at night.'


I had never seen this before. Let us never forget. The Holocaust Memorial is located just steps beyond Brandenburg Gate. Designed by Peter Eisenman,


Photo combinations show how Berlin has changed

Bustling: The Berlin Wall was built by East Germany in 1961, and the top image shows the wall around the Brandenburg Gate on Nov 19, 1961. Today the same area is filled with cars, buses and people moving freely around the German capital.