Make your own organic curtain rod. Try not to take from the tree...look for branches that have already fallen or have been cut by neighbors or a local tree-cutting service. I would want a branch that isn't so plain, but still has small branches extending from one or both ends.

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Make your own organic curtain rod. A birch branch is the perfect perch for grommet-top or ring-clip panel drapes. Mount with U-shaped drapery brackets to cradle the branch from below; slide panels on.

DIY branch curtain rod--I've have done this, but not have painted the branch.  Might just have to do that sometime.

7 Creative Curtain Rods You Can Make

DIY: Curtain rod made from a tree branch! Paint branch to match any room style OR paint an old curtain rod to add flair to any room!

DIY branch curtain rods! Cheap, easy and look great too-why wouldn't those rounded shower curtain rods work this way too-just mount on the wall!!!

DIY branch curtain rods

branch curtain rod tutorial - The Burlap Bag. i dont really care about the curtain rods, but i love the color combo/contrast

Tree Branch Curtain Rod

Tree Branch Curtain Rod - This would definitely fit in with my theme, I can imagine it with some of my patchwork/ applique curtains.

@Kellye Netz tree branch curtain rod - 5 DIY curtain rod ideas...super cute...the nature with the ruffles:)

5 Ideas for DIY Curtain Rods and Finials

Love this curtain, branch curtain rod and toadstool table in woodland themed girl room. Wow I would have hung this way lower or flipped the branch over. And damn, if I don't love me some freaking tiered ruffled curtains!

Love the branch for a curtain rod, see how the curtain is hemmed to be straight at the bottom. I think this would work with  birch tree wall decals, but it would have to be really dark wood, or maybe wrought iron that LOOKS like a tree branch, and I think perhaps a bit straighter, with less curve but more twists. #WallsNeedLove

DIY branch curtain rods

Branch Curtain Rod Tutorial - bringing the outdoors inside adding plenty of character

I've always liked this idea of using a branch for a curtain rod - Eye For Design: Fun, Unique, and Inexpensive Window Treatments

I& always liked this idea of using a branch for a curtain rod - Eye For Design: Fun, Unique, and Inexpensive Window Treatments

DIY branch curtain rod - super cute and FREE! Ariel had a really pretty one of these in her old bedroom; A good thing to consider since I'll have so many windows and no cash.

DIY branch curtain rods- If you're like me, your house is super eclectic, the majority of your decor is second hand. So, why not add another unique touch by making curtain rods our of a tree branch? It's super cute and totally FREE!

I love house decor inspired by nature and this curtain rod idea is awesome for the nature lover!

Make Your Own Tree Branch Curtain Rods {Olive and Love

Unique Curtain Rods What a creative idea for a curtain rod -- make your own out of tree branches! This unique and natural rod brings tons of personality and