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A pair of occasional tables made in collaboration with Milo These table tops are made by stacking, joining and reshaping layers of wooden offcuts. The outside is sanded smooth and oiled with a plant based material, The bases are The Rag and Bone Man’s contribution using Land Rover brake discs and some striking crank shafts. The height of each table is 65cm and diametre is 55cm. 2 available!

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X5 Brake Pad and Rotor replacement

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English Electric Lightning ~~ Wikipedia ~~ on approach to landing with "everything hanging out" (air brakes, landing gear, wing flaps and slats). Bulbous fairing on fuselage underside is fuel tankage.

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1946 Panhead custom this looks like a sweet get an #insurance #quote from House of Insurance in Eugene,

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How to Change Front Brake Pads

For a front brake job that lasts, wash and dry the rotor. How to Change Front Brake Pads:

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How to Tell When Brake Rotors Need to Be Replaced

Brake and Rotor replacement