Brains Made of Toothpaste, Newspaper and Food by Kyle Bean illustration food brains anatomy ~ Designer Kyle Bean (previously here and here) just finished this fun series of brains for Men’s Health magazine. Bean is known for his handcrafted commercial and editorial work for a number of large brands involving set design, sculpture, and illustration.

Kyle Bean - love his work! "A series of brains made out of different objects and materials for Men’s Health Magazine. The series includes brains made of toothpaste, newspapers and fruit with chocolate.

Brain Human Anatomy Flowers Dictionary Art Print by PrintsVariete

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brain a map which of course I like, like, like...

Basic brain facts The brain is 2 to of the body mass but uses of its oxygen and blood flow. The brain can only survive 4 to 6 minutes without oxygen. The brain itself does not feel pain.

Think Colorful Brain Poster A3 poster anatomical art by PRRINT

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Human Brain Watercolor Print Anatomical Brain Art by LyonRoad

The Human Brain, Sagittal View Watercolor Print - Anatomical Brain Art - Brain Print

Left Brain - Right Brain - A good visual for students to see how different you can be from each other, and differences between the left & right sides of the brain.

Left Brain - Right Brain

Left Brain - Right Brain. Now I know why every test I've taken indicates I'm right brain.>> I'm not at all surprised to know I'm left brained.

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Merijn Hos

Merijn Hos - Beautiful Minds Foundation Crall harrison Oh my goodness. Thank you for pinning this.

HUMAN ANATOMY BRAIN Art Print Antique by theNATIONALanthem

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Flowery brain Poster A3 poster anatomical art Human by PRRINT

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Melbourne-based still life photographer, Sonia Rentsch, has caught our eye once again. Her diverse portfolio of crisp shots and clean lines has a geometric edge.  She has the ability to invent clever, humorous scenes using the most ordinary of objects, like an apple for example.

Sonia Rentsch’s Still Life Art

Designed by Sonia Rentsch, with photography by Scott Newett and retouching by Hadyn Cattach.

Anatomía floral: Impresión de cerebro de pintura al óleo

Anatomía floral: Cerebro impresión pintura al óleo - impresión del arte anatómico - cuerpo humano - arte médico

Collection of Trisha Thompson Adams' Floral Anatomy, Oil on Board and Watercolor,

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