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BRAF: From Gene to Cancer Therapy

Look at real cancer DNA datasets (from cancer patients) to find areas of mutation in the BRAF gene []

A BRAF gene mutation in melanoma patients has been found to respond to MEK inhibitor drugs, providing a reason for routine screening and therapy in melanoma patients with the BRAF L597 mutation.


Colorectal carcinoma is the most frequent type of bowel cancer and the second most common tumour disease among men and women in Germany. So-called microsatellite stable colorectal cancer with mutations in the BRAF gene represents a particularly aggressive form. The BRAF gene produces the enzyme B-Raf, ...


Drug-Resistant Melanoma Treatment May Be Enhanced: Study - More than 8,000 Americans are killed each year by melanoma — the deadliest form of skin cancer. The presence of mutations in a gene known as the BRAF gene drives approximately 40 percent of advanced melanoma tumors. | RedOrbit/Nov 2013

BRAF Gene Mutations Are Rare Events in Gastroenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors - Click on Image

BRAF DISCOVERY - We helped fund the ground breaking study that identified faults in the BRAF gene as a key cause of malignant melanoma. This led to the development of the drug vemurafenib. Read the full story here:


Targeted Tx Slows Melanoma Progress

A new drug that targets mutated BRAF in metastatic #melanoma showed greater progression-free survival (PFS) compared with conventional chemotherapy, an open-label phase III trial found.


There are two different subtypes of #Craniopharyngioma (CP): papillary (papCP) and adamantinomatous (adaCP) which harbor distinctive gene mutations. BRAF V600E mutations were solely found in the papCP subgroup and were not detectable in adaCP samples. In contrast, CTNNB1 mutations were exclusively detected in adaCP. (Read full article (open access) inside, published Feb 2016)