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Love how Brad Paisley sings about his wife. I think it is how most women hope their husbands feel about them.


Been some time since I liked a country song. Heard this one the other day and wished someone out there would actually say that about me.


Brad Paisley! Went to his concert in Shreveport and he walked around the arena several times and gave stuff away to random fans, not at all stuck up because he's famous! makes him even more likeable :)

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Open Letter to Brad Paisley - Country Music Star


Brad Paisley Lyric - and It ain't like you and me can rewrite history our generation didn't start this nation, we're still pickin' up the pieces, walkin' on egg shells, fightin' over yesterday, and caught between southern pride and southern blame.

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Brad Paisley Has No Idea How Cute He Is

Brad Paisley. I just love his voice so much. I can listen to songs over and over and never get bored. Favorite country artist by far!

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