Boys vs girls in sports

Boys vs girls in sports Not true my brother and a bunch of people I know played with something broken or looking like that! The other day my brother threw up during his game and was still playing.

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A girl's laughter is much more cheerful than a boy's. But a boy's cry is much more meaningful than a girl's

guys vs. girls. man this is so true!

When guys get jealous, it's actually kinda cute. When girls get jealous, WWIII is about to start

Once when we were at this water park a boy my age (12) kept following us and my Dad was ready to punch him in the face...

Difference between boys and girls funny boys girls boyfriend girlfriend meme lol dad funny quote funny quotes comedy humor humor quotes funny pictures lmao funny stuff. That's soooo true for us girls

Boys vs Girls with Dan and Carrie. Her face says it all. I love Carrie!

That time of the month can be a real b*tch (21 photos)

Funny Text About Guys vs Girls LOL

<b>Normal people flirting:</b> "Hey, you're cute, we should go out some time." <b>Me flirting:</b> "So do you like bread?