Butcher Billy - Retro Pop Culture and Mashup Artist from Brazil

Robert Smith / The Cure by Butcher Billy - Retro Pop Culture&Mashup Artist/Brazil

I'm always amazed that this album was released in 1979, when I was only 7. It was such a key album in my teenage years and still sound fresh 35 years on.

500 Greatest Albums of All Time

The Cure - Boys Dont Cry music CD album at CD Universe, The Cure Robert Smith vocals, guitar;

It cannot be called equality because it is the FEMININE traits that we are ALL shamed for, to the point where femininity is hated. "Boys don't cry/wear pink", "girls must be beautiful/sexually attractive", "be a man/grow some balls". Still don't like it? Go to Men's Rights Activists + do what they do best: complain~


If you think men and women should have equal rights, you're a feminist. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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Frank Ocean for Boys Don’t Cry Magazine

celebritiesofcolor: “ Frank Ocean for Boys Don’t Cry Magazine ”

"We were all left. I mean, I was eight when I was sent to my first boarding school.Eventually, I thought if I was bad, if I got enough attention, they would have to notice me. Gabby I haven't been home for Christmas for over three years. I haven't seen either of my mums really in two.  I don't care anymore. You learn not to care anymore." (Chapter 23 - Aaron Sutton )

riverdale is nothing w/o JUGHEAD and that beanie actually happy that they made it different from the comics and make betty and jug a couple otp

Alec Lightwood & Clarissa Fairchild

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The Cure, loved this lot!

The Cure - Boys Don't Cry-one of my fav bands ever

I can't decide whether Pete or Patrick is funnier!!!!

Thnks fr th Wrnng!

I don't know if Patrick Stump should. Be a loved cinnamon roll, or if he should be feared

There is nothing wrong with the little boy having a pink egg!

There is nothing wrong with the little boy having a pink egg! WTF IS WRONG WITH SOME PEOPLE? I want to go to that little boy and give him a box of pink eggs