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Achievement 19 - Shavings and Chips 20 Easy Whittling Projects Designed for Boy Scouts - Woodworking - Crafts & Hobbies - PDF Classic Books

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How To Make A Tiny Bow And Arrow

Brave party ... how cute are these mini bow arrows. They would be easy to make ahead (the craft requires a sharp tool), but the kids could decorate the bow with color markers. It would be cute to dye the qtips to have colored arrows. Cute!!! Love it. (CE)

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This type of chair was a build project for America's Boy Scouts since the 1930s, though they didn't design it. It's been referred to as a Camping Chair, a Bog Chair, an X-Chair, a Stargazer Chair, a Viking Chair, an African Chair—no one can agree on where the design first

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Stick Raft Building STEM Project

STICK RAFT BUILDING STEM PROJECT. Can you build a raft that really floats? How much weight can your stick raft carry? Can your raft cope in a real stream? GREAT STEM challenges.

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Colourful Crayons

Recycle your crayons to make them much more fun to play with. You can even buy a cheap pack from the shop for about 30p to do this with!

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Scout Life Vinyl Decal, Girl Scout and Boy Scout Logos, Sticker Auto | LilBitOLove - Housewares on ArtFire

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Scout Law Plaques

We started the Scout Law plaque so that our sons pack could memorize and learn all 12 Laws. They are fashioned so that the boys may mix them

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Alderwood Quilts - We offer "cutting edge" quilting supplies. See us for quilt kits, fabric and fabric assortments, unusual patterns, sashik...

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