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ACTIVITY: Temperature Box-and-Whisker Activity - Students look up temperatures for two cities of their choice and create box-and-whisker plots to compare the cities' temperatures. #teachingmath #math

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Box and Whisker Plot Worksheets

This product contains TWO Box-and-Whisker Plot worksheets. Both worksheets requires students to read, interpret, and create Box-and-Whisker plots. Students

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This 30-page handbook ties together everything you need to use TI-Spire technology to teach middle school level data graphing and statistics. It will show you, step-by-step, how to create bar graphs, pie graphs, dot plot, box plots and histograms, and several methods for finding mean and quartiles, as well as an easy way to calculate Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD) with TI-Nspire.

Box Plot Card Sort

This box plot card sort offers a fun way for students to test their knowledge of the minimum, maximum, median, range, and interquartile range of a box plot. Students cut out the graphs and numbers and then glue them in the appropriate place on the sheet provided.

Math Interactive Notebook Box Plots Foldable

Common Core ready math interactive notebook page for Box Plots. Another in our series of foldables for middle school math. Download and use today.

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7.12A: Comparing Data in Box Plots & Dot Plots STAAR Test-Prep Task Cards

Grade 7 Math: Comparing Data in Box Plots & Dot Plots STAAR Test-Prep Task Cards! 7.12A TEKS Aligned Task Cards!

Box and Whiskers Activity Sheets

These "Keep It Fresh" worksheets are designed to support box plot (box and whiskers) drawing skills. Each worksheet displays a set of numerical data reflecting some real-world context. The student is asked to summarize the data by calculating the 5-number summary (minimum, Q1, median, Q3, maximum), the IQR, and the range. Then, the students is asked to construct the box plot and characterize the skewness of the distribution. An answer key is included.

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John William Waterhouse: Pandora's Box-- The "box" was actually a large jar given to Pandora which contained all the evils of the world. When Pandora opened the jar, all its contents except for one item were released into the world. The one remaining item was Hope. Today, to open Pandora's box means to create evil that cannot be undone.

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