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Crossfit workout. sub stair jump (cuz ive got stairs, but no box currently) or sub knee jumps when neither of those are available.

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Why a box jump is not as simple as it looks, and how to do it right

The box jump is an exercise that seems pretty self-explanatory. As in, jump up? Onto the box? But it’s a more advanced movement than you may think, explains Julia Avery, an instructor at New York City interval training workout studio The Fhitting Room. #boxjump #crossfit #workout

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AMRAP- dont have a box to do box jumps on... substitute squat jumps instead... sounds good to me,

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Full Body Box Workout That Shreds Fat. Minimal rest between exercises, 2 minute break between sets for 4 rounds total. 1) Switching Tire Lunges (10/leg) 2) Tricep Dips (15 reps) 3) Decline Push Ups (15 reps) 4) Sumo Sit Squat Jumps (15 reps) 5) Lateral Side Shuffle (10metre x 5)

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