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Women are the fastest-growing demographic in the hunting world. More women than men took up hunting last year, according to new data from the National Sporting Goods Association. While total hunters in the USA decreased slightly (.05 percent) between 2008 and 2009, the number of female hunters increased by 5.4 percent, netting 163,000 new participants. Growth areas for women included muzzleloading (up 134.6 percent), bowhunting (up 30.7 percent), and hunting with firearms (up 3.5 percent).


Shot placement is most important, but the arrowhead that bleeds the game quickest produces a more humane and easier to track kill.


The Economist - December 21– January 3 2014 : Christmas double issue and A special report onmuseums and and Bowhunting The real Ozymandias and Indian mothers in law and A brief history of hotels and The back - gold rush and more...

AW Extra 6/7/12 - Build a Recurve Bow

Build a Recurve Bow By David Radtke I got my first bow for my fourth birthday. It was plastic and thank heavens the arrows had rubber tips because everything within a 30-ft. radius was fair game. These days I exercise better judgement and only shoot at designated archery targets, but my fascination with this ancient technology is as strong as ever. Several years ago I built my own wood and …

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Survival Bow: While firearms rightfully get a lot of attention, the survival bow gets less than it should. A mastered takedown bow can be a huge survival advantage. It should find a place in our homes and in our bug out bags. It’s such a great survival tool that I was able to come up with 16 reasons a survival bow and learn survival archery.


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