The National Geographic Endeavour is about to enter a previously uncharted tunnel through the center of Elephant Island not far from Point Wild. It successfully made it through with only slight damage to the very top of the mast.

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Mystery of the boat in the middle of Bouvet Island - The South African government, with Norway’s permission, was investigating the construction of a manned station on the island, and in the 1950s set out to see if there was enough flat land space on Bouvet Island to meet their needs.

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The Norwegian Polar Institute established a 36-square-metre (390 sq ft) research station, made of shipping containers, at Nyrøysa in 1996. On 23 February 2006, the island experienced a magnitude 6.2 earthquake whose epicenter was about 100 km (62 mi) away (originally reported as magnitude 5.5), weakening the station's foundation and causing it to be blown to sea in a winter storm

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