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Boundary Survey

The village of Treorchy apparently takes its name from the stream that flows from the mountainside above the village into the River Rhondda. On the 1875 Ordnance Survey map, the stream is referred to as ‘Nant Orky'. Gorchi possibly comes from the welsh word Gorchwy, suggesting a stream marking a boundary.


Pulse: States Should Not Require New Boundary Surveys Each Time Land is Transferred #realestate #news #buying #land

Save the Mason-Dixon Line boundary stones

The genesis of the line was a protracted boundary dispute between the proprietary families of Maryland (the Calverts) and Pennsylvania (the Penns). To settle the matter, they commissioned a survey and hired two Englishmen, Charles Mason, an astronomer, and Jeremiah Dixon, a surveyor. The pair arrived in Philadelphia in 1763.

BRAVO!!! First ever trans-boundary tiger survey between India and Nepal - "This survey highlighted the importance of the protected areas and the connecting habitat corridors for tigers, and identifies key interventions needed to secure the future of tigers in this landscape."