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Many girls could juggle 2 or 3 balls at a time against a wall. Their complex games involved high speed bouncing moves and when that became too tame they would toss the ball between their legs or twirl around before catching the ball. All of this was accompanied by singing of various rhymes.


Bounce, Retell. Help students with reading comprehension by creating a winding path for them to bounce on as they retell a story. Draw different shapes and write key details inside of them (title, characters, narrator, setting, fact vs. fiction, main event, and chronological order - first, next, last). Kids plop on a jumping ball with handles, answering the key detail block they land on.


Need to practise blending in a fun, physical way? Try 'Bouncy Blending'! Lay out how ever many hoops you need for the number if sounds. Put one sound next to each hoop in order. Then ask a child to bounce into each hoop and shout the sounds. They orally blend the word as they jump out of the last hoop! #eyfs #earlyyears #earlyyearsliteracy #earlyreading #phonicgames #phonics #outside #aceearlyyears