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Lisa Tarala onto Very Cool, I learned about these trees from reading "On Folly Beach." One of the main characters made them for a living. I saw my first and only one in front of a folk art museum in Enterprise, AL. Originally slaves from the Congo brought them to the US because the noises the bottles made when the wind blew were thought to keep the evil spirits away.


Bottle Tree Selective Color, southern folklore - catches the evil spirits before they enter your home


Vintage Collection tree delivery truck

Decorations to make us smile : ) Love this Vintage collection tree delivery truck.


Bottle Trees were put near the entrance to a house, so spirits did not enter with you. The spirits would become mesmerized by the play of the sunlight thru the colors of glass, and be trapped inside the bottles. the spirits are trapped in the bottles & said to be destroyed when the sun comes out the next morning. This is what I need to do with my next installment of blue Vodka Bottles, right?