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Wilfred Lang Greetings! This is a special announcement. I am officially offering my services to whom it may concern. I am very flexible with the work I will do. It is unnecessary for one to settle for what art work that one may see on this site, for all one has to do is contact me at my main e-mail address (


We had a power outage on Saturday which took us outside to enjoy the last bit of sunlight. What's a quilter to do, except sit and ...

from One Day in a City

One Day in Boston: What to Do If Short on Time

What to prioritize seeing and doing if you just have one day to spend in Boston. Know someone looking to hire top tech talent and want to have your travel paid for? Contact me,

from Kevin & Amanda

Photography Tutorial: A Quick Guide to Understanding Your DSLR Camera

from Laughing Squid

Doggie Drawings, A Series of Cute Dog Posters & Portraits by Lili Chin

Doggie language, starring Boogie the Boston Terrier ~by Lili Chin

from Talk in French Store

French Slang

Qu’est-ce que tu fous là? - What the hell are you doing here? Find more Slang (with Audio!) in my book: ''Colloquial French'' - The most complete French Slang Ebook available. Learn more here: Don't hesitate to share #french #slang #words